30 October 2014

Conquering those Classes You HATE!!

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We all take those classes that are just... ugh.
You know what I'm talking about- those "gen ed" classes that take up so much time and energy but you just can't really find the relevance? Yeah, that's microbiology for me this semester. It was organic chemistry last semester. 

Now, organic chemistry was a little different because I understood it's importance. I just couldn't understand the material. But microbiology, oh microbiology. It's absolutely my least favorite class, but I need to pass it. I have yet to see the real significance it has in my knowledge of being a pharmacist. In fact, my professor tends to point out when information is important to specific majors (this isn't a major-specific course) and the only time he ever says "now this is important for you pharmacy majors" is when it has to do with anatomy. *annoyed face* We're taking anatomy for a reason, aren't we? I thought so. 

Anyways, rant aside, it's so hard to focus in class and really know the information because I simply don't care about it. And I want to spend time learning about the classes I "enjoy" more than this one, but I have to study more because it just doesn't penetrate the mind. talk about endless circles. I've been struggling with this a lot lately, and I've come to realize that the only way to get myself interested is to focus on those pharmacy-specific areas and relate that to everything else. 

It's not easy, but it forces me to learn the material. If we are given certain drugs that inhibit certain mechanisms, I base my studying off of that. If I'm given the mechanisms, I look up drugs that may inhibit that. I look up what sicknesses such bacteria and microbes may be associated with. 

It isn't a quick way of studying at all. I end up spending at least twice as much time studying microbiology that I do my other classes, but it seems to be working. It's also probably the least efficient way to study for the short-term, but it's got to pay off in the long-run (there's no real way to test this, but I'm just going to tell myself that it will all pay off). 

So, I know we all have those classes. I know I will continue to have those classes. The ones I hate. But I trust that my advisors wouldn't make me completely waste my time and money, and I hope you believe that, too. Otherwise I'd advise you switch schools. So this is the best I can do- make lemonade out of lemons. Find a way to apply your course and run with it

...they say application is the best way to learn, don't they? 

28 October 2014

Raspberry Bite

There was one beauty item that was on the tip- top of my list this season:

raspberry lipstick.

So many of my favorite fashion bloggers had posted pictures with varying shades of raspberry and I just thought "I need it". So I started hunting and I never ever would have expected that it be as hard to find a good shade as it was. 

Firstly, I wanted to find something that wasn't too dark on my skin, but also not to pink... and not red either. You see my dilemma? So I actually took multiple trips to Sephora after doing sufficient research. 

Trip 1: Marc Jacobs... a bit more pink than I had wanted, and they didn't have the colors I had looked at online. So I made the return.

Trip 2: NARS and Dior
*Winners* so I had looked at NARS Lip Gloss in 'Quito' for a while and loved loved loved the formula, so I knew that I wanted to get that instead of the Marc Jacobs lipstick I had before. Of course, I made the mistake (but not really) of asking a salesperson what kind of berry-ish lipstick they would recommend for my skin tone. She gave me about 20 different shades, which was so helpful, but I fell in love with about 5 of them... then it came down to how they actually felt on my lip & that's where the Dior won it all. 
So, I came away with 2 great fall colors. Unnecessary? yes. Still fun? yes. 
I haven't had an opportunity to wear the more dramatic Dior color, but I wear 'Quito' at least once a week and I am in love with the NARS lip gloss so I'm sure I'll be finding reasons to get more colors. 

What's top on your fall fashion/beauty wishlist? 

14 October 2014

Birthday Weekend ReCap

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 [ Ring: old, similar Nail Polish: The Perfect Coverup ]

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[ Shirt: J. Crew Vest: TJ Maxx, similar Scarf: Burberry 
Bag: Vintage, similar Jeans: old, similar Boots: old, similar ]

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[ Top: J. Crew Shoes: Tory Burch Watch: old, similar 
Nail Polish: Haute in the Heat ]

This weekend was a much needed fall break.
Not only was it my birthday, but the weather was beautiful and my whole family was home... at least for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Whenever I come home from school my mom always has a full schedule, and this was no exception. 

Friday night we went out to dinner and then back home to watch a movie while I unpacked and got my bearings. Saturday we got up at our own pace (very slowly) and headed to Brown County/ Nashville, IN. We ate at the cutest restaurant where we had the best sweet potato fries. They're already a favorite of mine, but these melted in my mouth. I couldn't stop eating them! Of course, we did some shopping- I ended up finding a great floppy hat, which was on my list but certainly not something I expected to find. I always love being surprised like that. Afterwords, we stopped by my grandparents' house, which meant more food and cake. Not necessary at all, but how can I say no to grandma's cooking?! :) Then we went home with full stomachs and watched the Ole Miss game- another win! Woo woo! 

Sunday was my birthday celebration with friends at the Cheesecake Factory. We got up as a family and went to church and then the girls (we left dad at home) headed to the mall for lunch. Of course there was a wait for a table... so we had to go shopping hehe. I stepped into Sephora to find new fall lipstick(s) which needed much more that 30 minutes, but I was able to find a few that I liked (more on that Thursday). Lunch ended up lasting 3 hours- it was so nice to sit and catch up with high school friends. I love hearing about their internships and projects! Most of my friends went into more creative majors- I know, where did I come from?- so I let my creative side live vicariously through them while I focus on my science-heavy courses. 

Overall, this fall break has been so nice. I'm heading back up to school tonight.. back to homework and exams, ugh. But I just know that it's going to be Thanksgiving before I know it and then Christmas! Oh my gosh, it's crazy to think how time passes. It was a great 20th birthday- I don't feel much different, all I know is that I learned so much last year and I can't wait to see what I learn this year. Let's also hope I don't make the same mistakes :)

09 October 2014

The Big Part

There are a lot of styles that I can't pull off, and it's okay because I've come to accept it. 
Combat boots, winged eyeliner, you know. Definitely not me. But if there's one thing I've always wanted to be able to pull off, it's the middle part!

All the cool girls can do it- Cara Delevigne, Emily, even Kate Middleton! 

one of my favorite bloggers, Emily, is my most
recent inspiration

But, I had come to grips with the fact that maybe my face just wasn't made for it. (regardless of how many times my hairdresser had told me he wanted to cut my hair for a center part... or "more central"). It wasn't until a week ago, when I went all-in with my hair that I decided to go for the middle part. 
For the first time, I didn't rearrange the style Michael gave me as soon as I drove away. 
I actually kindof liked it! And so I felt this newfound freedom- I can rock a center part! Okay, so maybe I'm not "rocking" it yet. I'm still learning how to style this new center part. And my hair has been in a side-part for so long that it naturally goes that way and isn't laying normally... something that will go away with time, I'm sure. 

And here I give you, my center part! Not the best lighting, or positioning, but here's what I'm working with...

p.s. how do you like my darker, redder locks? :) 

07 October 2014

Very Fall Weekend

This past weekend, I was finally able to go home! There was a family wedding, which meant family, family, and more family! My mom is quite the entertainer, so we had a full house both Friday and Saturday- this included babies and more dogs, so it was pretty crazy. But crazy in the best way! 

The actual wedding was Friday night, so Saturday was our day to just hang out. We ended up going to a pumpkin patch in the morning, followed with a huge brunch. We got back around 1:30- just in time to spend the rest of the day watching football... #HottyToddy :) I've been meaning to get more outfit posts up, so I figured that this weekend was as good as any to get started! 

Oh yeah, and I dove in with my first hair coloring...
It's just a darker version of my natural color but I think it's perfect for fall. 
I love it! 

02 October 2014

Study Breaks to Keep You Focused

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time focusing when it comes to studying. My attention can only be kept for so long before I just have to take a break. Luckily, it's been scientifically proven than studying for 30-50 minute sessions with breaks in between is actually better than grueling 4-hour long stints.

But, I've also found that if I check my phone or a social network my 10 minute breaks turn into 15.. then 20... then I talk myself out of going back to the books. My studying styles are constantly evolving, but I think I've mastered a few study break activities that both give me a much needed break and keep me focused on the task at hand.

1. Yoga
There are so many great yoga videos that range anywhere from 15 minutes to 45. There are times were I just need to absolutely clear my head and relax, which yoga is perfect for. What's even better is that I'm almost always studying in comfy workout clothes, so there's no excuse not to spend a few minutes going through some flow.

2. Read
Reading is so hard to fit in at school. I spend so much time staring at words all day that, even if I love a book, all I really want to do is watch something mindless at the end of the day. But for some reason while I'm studying, I'm all about taking a break to read. A lot of times I'll read an article in Vogue or a chapter of a book- something that keeps my mind engaged but is completely unrelated to what I'm currently studying.

3. Call Someone
I'm so bad about keeping in touch with people who aren't here at Purdue with me. One of the best ways to take a break is to call someone you've been meaning to talk to. Obviously, this is something that may call for an extended break. But it's so nice to be able to vent about life while hearing about what's going on outside of your little college bubble.

I know midterms are coming up for many people, so I wanted to give a few study break tips to try. These work so well for me and give me a nice little refresh during stressful days.