07 October 2014

Very Fall Weekend

This past weekend, I was finally able to go home! There was a family wedding, which meant family, family, and more family! My mom is quite the entertainer, so we had a full house both Friday and Saturday- this included babies and more dogs, so it was pretty crazy. But crazy in the best way! 

The actual wedding was Friday night, so Saturday was our day to just hang out. We ended up going to a pumpkin patch in the morning, followed with a huge brunch. We got back around 1:30- just in time to spend the rest of the day watching football... #HottyToddy :) I've been meaning to get more outfit posts up, so I figured that this weekend was as good as any to get started! 

Oh yeah, and I dove in with my first hair coloring...
It's just a darker version of my natural color but I think it's perfect for fall. 
I love it!