08 September 2013

21 Before 21

I've been inspired by Mackenzie's "1001 in 1001" and Carly's "25 before 25" lists.
Enough for me to make my own list of 21 things I want to do or see before I turn 21. Yes, I do realize that it's only two years. And yes, I understand that most of my life will be spent in school, working, or internships. That being said, I think having a deadline and a few major things to do will be really fun to do and see how it works out. 
So, before I turn 21 I'd like to...

1. attend the Kentucky Derby
2. Go on a vacation where I unplug and just read books on the beach
3. Attend the Macy's Day Parade in New York City
4. Run a Half Marathon... and maybe a Full?
5. Go on a legitimate blind date set up by a friend
6. Watch all 8 Harry Potter films in a 36 hour time span
7. Spend a ridiculous amount of money on concert tickets 
8. Give a 100% tip on a bill of $50 or more
9. Go to the CMA festival
10. Move in with some of my best friends
11. Learn how to accessorize with jewelry
12. Buy random gifts and give them out to the homeless on the street
13. Find an international pen pal
14. Take a class that I don't really need, but just want to take
15. Go a month without sweets (Sept 10 - Oct 10, 2013)
16. Pick a campaign, cause, event and dive into it whole-heartedly
17. Unplug in daily life (as much as possible) for two weeks
18. Go on a road trip with my best friend(s)
19. Spend a weekend with my Grandparents doing whatever they want to do
20. Apply for a study abroad program or to an international school
21. Become conversational in a foreign language (Francais?)

As you can tell, none of these items tempt fate or have me simply thinking wishfully. These are all things that I can and will accomplish by the time I turn 21. Why 21? Well I think that it's a good time frame for me to enjoy my youth and have fun. While I'm technically an adult, you're not really and adult until you're 21. So I'm taking these years of having some independence but still a kid to go and have fun. I'm also a planner, and I think that having a time frame and a bunch of random things to do is such a fun thing for someone who plans and works without much free time. In a way it's "forced fun", but it's necessary.

Because, let's face it
Life isn't life if you aren't living.

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