11 September 2013

Movie Anticipation

Fall and Winter always means great movies.

I always remember the holidays as times when we'd go to the movies and to dinner. Since it's cold out, movies are a way to not stay cooped up indoors but to not freeze, either. Of course, the movies aren't out yet and it's still too nice to want to spend an afternoon in a movie theater. But, the trailers are playing like mad on TV and there are quite a few movies that I'm thrilled for this fall fall and winter.

The Wolf of Wall Street
Who doesn't love a Leo Dicaprio film? Seriously. But this book-to-big-screen adaptation is one that I'm excited to see. I've read the book synopsis (I hope to read the whole book before the November release) and find it to be an interesting story. Some books just don't work out as film versions, but I think the fast paced lifestyle of Wall Street and the fact that it's based on a true story will make this one work. 

The Fifth Estate
This movie hasn't gotten much press that I've seen, but the trailer is intriguing! Especially with all of the political controversy of the present, this film (also based on a true story)  is perfectly relevant and all the more interesting! From what I can gather, it's about a man who revealed government secrets on a Wikipedia-style platform. Not entirely sure what it's based on, but they've got my $10.

Oh, Diana. My most anticipated film this fall. I can't wait to watch this story unfold! My obsession with the royal family is unmatched and will follow my reading of the modern Royal Family biography perfectly. Naomi Watts has big shoes to fill. I can't wait to see this interpretation of the People's Princess.

Can you tell what kind of movies I like? I really don't mind any movie, but these are just a few that are top on my list for this fall. Most of the fall releases come to theaters in Late October- Early November, so we've got some time to wait.

 Until then, I'll continue to get excited for these!