04 September 2013

How Do You Know?

How do you know if something is for you?

I don't have an answer to this question, though I wish I did. I have no idea how you can look at a call-out paper or a review and think "I'd love that" without any doubt. I don't know how you can sign up for skydiving and say "I'll be okay". There's no real for sure in this world. But what there are, are opportunities. Chances to go out and try something new. Chances to take an interest. Chances to not be judged. And that's my mindset as I went through recruitment.

I think the Greek community is awesome! It has produced some of America's - and the World's- most impressive leaders. The Greeks run many of America's campuses through their size, power, and heart. Yes, the Greek community scan be synonymous with words like hazing, exclusivity, and partying. But the Greeks were founded on philanthropy and altruism. The hard thing is that philanthropy, sisterhood, and leadership is what I want from my time spent in the Greek Community. What I found... wasn't so optimistic.

Purdue is a fantastic school with a fantastic reputation. They are part of the Big 10 and are a leading research university. I expected the same caliber out of the Greek system, and while those involved are smart and good looking, there weren't any that I really felt held up to my standards. Though they couldn't admit it, I wasn't their favorite when I said that partying big wasn't my thing... When I like chill nights in rather than crazy nights out that I can't remember.
I was upset when I dropped. I so badly wanted to be Greek. In fact, I still do want to be Greek! But I want to know for sure that my values and morals are not compromised. I want to know that they love and want the best for me- like a real sister would. I want to feel good about being a part of the Greek Community- wherever that may be- and not ashamed of the reputation with my letters.

Okay, so my expectations may be high. And as I see girls in their shirts after getting their bids, I can't help think about how badly I want to be them. But then I know that there are so many other amazing things I can be that don't involve being Greek...

Or maybe I still will be.