09 September 2013

Fall Accessories

Fall is coming!!

 Channelling Jackie Oh
...or at least that's what I keep telling myself. I'm dying for warm coffee and brisk morning walks. You've heard it before and you know just what I'm talking about. Since I'm still wearing summer clothes, I enjoy summer through online shopping (or browsing, since I'm trying not to buy much). I've been really excited about the animal prints that seem to be a fashion staple this fall. LEM would be so proud, since I used to tease her about her love of animal prints. I still don't understand the zebra phase, but cheetah and tortoise shell I've really become obsessed with.
I'm not a huge jewelry person. But I'm working on it (check out #11 in yesterday's post). I recently had my mom pick up not this exact bracelet, but a similar one from J. Crew and I'm so glad I had her do it because they're all sold out of this style of jewelry now. I think it'll look awesome with plaid or hunter green- one of my favorites for the fall. Of course, I'm a lover of all things Ray-Bans. I have almost every style they offer, but I'm still missing a pair of Jackie Ohh's... and this tortoise shell pair is perfection.

It wouldn't be fall without a patterned frat-hat. 
Southern Proper has the best hats and I'm loving this and the green one for fall. Not exactly animal print, but it channels fall nonetheless. Only a couple of weeks until it's officially fall, and I really can't wait!

What are you loving this fall?