11 November 2013

Purdue University Dance Marathon ReCap

I've talked a lot lately about my love of Riley Hospital and the Dance Marathon

I guess it's because I'm constantly searching for inspiration and a way to help/ inspire others that I find this cause so appealing. Or maybe its because it helps makes the lives of children- children who have been through 35 surgeries, chemo, etc- and their families easier. The children are happy and fearless. And even though we are supposed to be the ones raising the money and saving their lives,
they are the ones who are changing lives.

It was a long marathon: 18 hours through the night! By the end, I was seeing people fall asleep standing up and everyone was a little bit slap-happy. But nothing hurts and nobody is tired when they see $1 Million raised in one year! We set the record for dance marathons and are now in the top 5 fundraisers for Riley Children's Hospital! 

even though I am still recovering, I already can't wait to start up again and 
change more lives!