08 November 2013

Seriously Cute Kids

this weekend is going to be one that focuses on the kids

The Riley Dance Marathon- a huge fundraiser for Riley Children's Hospital- has dictated all plans this weekend. I'll have the chance to meet some seriously inspiring Cancer fighters, play games, and just make them feel like the heroes that they are! I kindof love kids... or other people's kids, I should say. The best pictures and videos are of kids just being the unguarded kids that they are! 

If you've been on the internet at all lately, I'm sure you've seen what I have- the stylish kids, the crying kids, everything! Since these images and videos have been on my radar for a while, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites. 

my parents actually did this to my sister and I once... I wonder if they took video?

Seriously?! When did children-as-little-adults become okay? They're obviously adorable and almost too much to handle, but what happened to torn jeans and t shirts? Oh who am I kidding.. I'd dress my kids like this too. 

where can I get one, just for a day?