22 November 2013

Winter White

white is the most terrifying color

Maybe it's because I tend to drop food, drinks, and pens (oops) on my shirt regularly, but I am just so hesitant to wear white. White pants? No. Way. At least, not until there is a stain-proof material to make them out of. But, lately I've seen quite a lot of white on my social feeds- from dresses and skirts to pants! 

But, white isn't a winter color!
Actually, I disagree. White is the winter color. Snow and twinkling white lights. Silver and gold finishes to pretty white packages. Whoever made up the "no white after Labor Day" rule seriously missed the point. I'm still not sure I'm comfortable in white pants for the winter- snow slush on white pants? Not cute. But sweaters, especially that giant cable-knit turtleneck, would be more than welcome in my closet... and maybe even a white skirt? 

I guess I'll just be sure to carry Tide To-Go at all times.