12 November 2013

Puppy Fever

It seems like everyone is getting puppies!

From the fabulous College Prepster to fellow college students to people I went to high school with, it seems like my Instagram feed has been full of the adorable balls of fur lately! Being the lover of dogs that I am- and the fact that I can't have my dog with me here at school- these pictures have given me serious... 

puppy fever.

at least it's not baby fever!
I have literally been google searching puppies in between assignments and classes. It's crazy to think that housing arrangements for next year are already being made and some friends and I have been talking... apartment or dorm? This recent desire for a puppy has me almost convinced that an apartment is what we need to do! I mean, how fun would it be to have a place with some awesome girlfriends and a furry friend?

The only problem with this is the idea that I'd be "replacing" my dog at home. Because I'm sentimental like that, I feel as if it'd be unfair to get a new puppy and not bring my current dog to school with me... but, Millie, if you're reading this I could never replace you! 

puppies are just too cute!