05 November 2013

Great Coats

I mentioned earlier that I somehow came to college without a big warm coat...

I've lived in the midwest my whole life, so it wouldn't be off to assume that I own a big, warm coat for the winter... but I don't. I guess I've always been resistant to the idea of coats. They're big, bulky, and just as hassle. But I've come to accept that a coat is a necessity... but that doesn't mean that it has to make me look like an eskimo. I've been on the hunt for a stylish and warm look, and I've managed to find a few contenders:

Ralph Lauren

So it's apparent that I'm liking the "cocoon" look right now. Really, I just hate when my neck is cold. I always wear scarves and have recently fallen in love with turtlenecks and their endless layering options. Of course, if I had to pick the coat- you know, the one that would be my dream coat? Well, feast your eyes: 

The Burberry Trench. Coming in just under $2,000... it's certainly not practical for my currently lifestyle or position. I'm not counting on this showing up in my closet anytime soon, 

But, it sure is fun to dream.