01 November 2013

Top 5: October 2013

this month has been crazy!

From October break to my birthday to sub-freezing temperatures, I can't remember an October quite like this. I feel like I've grown so much this month, both personally and academically. I've been able to look into how I'd really like my future to pan out and talk to advisors, family, and friends about how to make it work. I've consciously tried to get out of my comfort zone by being more vulnerable with my friends. At the same time, I've tried to make more time for myself and what I love, rather than feel guilty about the studying I should be doing.


As always, I have a roundup of the top 5 products that I've been loving this month. From makeup to TV shows, here are my October 2013 Top 5:

Like I said, this month was crazy when it came to weather. In early October, it was in the 80s and now I'm lucky if it's 40 degrees when I walk into campus in the morning. Being the wise Midwesterner that I am, I failed to bring an actual coat to school with me. So I've been living in my J. Crew Excursion vest. I've also been loving my boots and booties and warm socks, which has been a stylish way to stay warm.
(there's nothing like cold toes to make for a miserable morning)

At the beginning of the month, I decided to try out the new Marc Jacobs lipstick... and let me tell you- it is awesome! The color that I got is a light pink, which gives my lips a slightly frosty-pink tint. What I like most is how moisturizing it is! Usually when I wear gloss or lipstick or anything of the sort, I have to put chapstick on underneath to keep from getting chapped, peeling lips. This stuff, though! I can put it straight on and feel moisturized. I'm definitely planning to get one of the more "berry" colors for the holidays and winter months.

Wow. I almost failed to mention that this month also held round two of exams: midterms. Episodes of Sex and the City were perfect 30-minute breaks between studying. I've also been trying to leave myself minimal homework for Sundays (instead of saving it all for Sunday), which has been perfect for reading, watching TV, and making sure I relax before the upcoming week. 

There you have it- the top 5 things that have defined this past month. I'm going home this weekend and plan to bring back a coat... and maybe my Uggs

I can't believe that it's already November!