10 November 2013

Inspiration Sunday

I came across this video on Facebook and it gave me this wonderful, warm feeling after watching it. 

In this world of keeping up with the Joneses and worrying so much about how others view us, it becomes extremely simple for women to lose sight of the beauty that they possess. Living on a college campus, I see a pretty good representation of all the different self-image struggles that girls can be faced with. From playing dumb to showing a little tooooo much body for the weather, to getting drunk and allowing guys to take advantage of them, it's evident that confidence and self-worth is a lost commodity in this world. 

and I'll be the first to say that I'm not immune to this, either

I have days where nothing looks right. Or days I feel guilty for eating. I have days where I put up this incredible wall, because who wants to get inside my head, anyways? Just like every other girl on this planet, I need a reminder that my life is not being catered to someone else's liking. I am free to be who I want- to enjoy what I want, and to love myself. We have all been placed on this earth with a divine reason. Whatever it may be, it is not dictated by our clothes, or our grades. The pimple on my face is not a deciding factor in whether or not I am loved, or special, or awesome. 

So, I strongly recommend you take a moment to watch this short, 3 minute video and remember that you are great;

You are loved.