28 August 2013

In A Perfect World...

I've said it before and I'll say it again
I'm a dreamer.

I like to look at Pinterest and Tumblr and blogs and imagine my life in the footsteps of others. I've gotten past the "wanting to be her" mentality and more towards the "that'd be really cool to love life and live that way," which I think is healthier. But, when life starts to stress me out I like to live vicariously through others for a minute. 

I thought it'd be fun to gather up some of my favorite re-pinned pictures and make a little
"in Sarah's perfect world" story

So here's me. In my perfect world I'd be classy and graceful like Kate Middleton. I'd have a beautiful ring and a rockin' bod. I'd be able to take fashion risks and be confident even in the public eye.

I'd be married to a super hot guy. Chuck Bass, anyone? He'd dress classy and fratty at all times. And each morning we'd wake up snuggled up with our dog and not a care in the world. 

Our home. It'd have beautiful curb appeal.. worthy of random people taking its picture. I'd have a waterfront view and the city in the distance. I'd be able to walk to work on the quiet city streets as the sun rises. There'd never be any traffic and I'd never be running late or in a hurry. Just city city streets, a coffee to go, and my thoughts. 

And we'd vacation all over the world! To some of my favorite places- Paris, Amsterdam, the beach. Any holiday we'd take would be spectacular.

... and end fairy tale. 
It's fun to daydream a little bit. And, as perfect as that sounds, I couldn't live in a world that perfect.

But it's fun to dream.
& the pictures are fabulous!