30 August 2013

Recruitment Wear

Being a college freshman, and a prep, recruitment time is the best time. 

Rushing a sorority has been one of the things that just goes with the idea of college. As a little girl at football games, I couldn't wait to be one of the pretty girls hanging out with the well-dressed guys at the tailgates. My mom used to take me to her house every time we visited Purdue. I'd meet the girls, and more often than not, some of my mom's pledge class women. 
Greek Life and college go hand-in-hand.

Recruitment is hard. That's nothing new. 
It's intense speed dating that your entire college career depends on. Sounds serious, but it's absolutely the truth. The house you pick as a freshman is yours for life. The sisters in your pledge class are the ones you'll be making the majority of your memories with. You'll be living, eating, breathing with these girls. And, at least here at Purdue, you only have a week and a half to figure out which chapter is for you.


For me, I've been trying to be as relaxed as absolutely possible. That means that I plan out my outfits and hairstyles ahead of time. Being the listmaker that I am, I've prepared questions to ask and little tidbits about myself that are easy to forget... number one being that I'm a lifestyle and fashion blogger! (seriously, when you're focused on school activities and classes, it's easy to forget the parts of your life that aren't the most visible on campus) I know that recruitment gets more pressuring as you go farther South- the one thing I like about being more North- so these outfit ideas may or may not work for your personal rushing specifications.

1st Invitational

Every school does things differently. Here at Purdue, the first invitational is split up between Friday night and Saturday. The fact that they jam-packed the first two weekends of school is a bit stressful, but I can appreciate the fact that we'll have bids and everything before the first round of exams happen. 

Dress-wise, this is a very casual round. Looking cute is necessary, but it's important to also be comfortable. They're long days with lots of walking and- quite literally- sitting pretty. Tonight, I'm planning on a maxi dress. Something that is classy but comfortable. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the nineties, so a cool sundress is my go-to. For both, I'll probably be wearing my Jacks or flats of some sort.

2nd Invitational
Here is where we start to get down to business. At this point, it's pretty obvious who wants you and who doesn't... hopefully it's the same houses that you want! It's essential to dress to really impress. You want to look polished and show that you can clean up and look professional, but still cute! I'm planning on wearing a basic Lilly Shift. Nothing to standoff-ish, but enough to impress the girls who recognize it. To everyone else, I'll simply be wearing a really cool dress. To the Lilly lovers, they'll just get it. Another point is to wear a dress that really shows who you are. Let it express your fashion taste! In a house full of girls, fashion is important (or maybe not? you'll find out!). 

Since I'll be visiting fewer houses on Sunday, I'm planning to also wear my Lilly McKim wedges. They're extremely comfortable and dress up my outfit a little bit.

Pref Day
If there wasn't any pressure up to this point, there is now. As calm and collected as I've been through the recruitment process thus far, I know that Monday I'll be a nervous mess. Hopefully I can channel the nerves and jitters into excitement and personality. And, if not, hopefully my top houses at this point will understand my nervousness. 

This day is the day that you pull out all the stops. Wear your best cocktail dress and some heels. Side note- make sure none of your clothing is brand new. Imagine walking to houses in heels that need breaking in or a dress that itches... test it all out and make sure that you'll be able to rock the dress! I'm planning to wear my Lilly dress that I wore for graduation. Luckily, Rush was early enough that I am able to still wear my summer dresses. 

If you don't have a dress in mind, I'd again suggest one that you feel comfortable in and that just boosts your confidence. Wear a dress that you love and that loves you! Bright colors are great for this day, as most sororities embrace color all year round. Something stylish- peplums are great for all seasons and are timeless, but so in style right now.

Whatever your plans are when it comes to sorority recruitment and college, I hope you are able to do what you love! It's a lot of work, but it'll all be worth it in the end. 

Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

here's a little humor... that isn't really funny because it's actually so true.