22 August 2013

Inspirational Women: Jennifer Aniston

If you don't see Jen Aniston as an inspiration in the fullest sense of the word, let's just agree to disagree. Not only is she Hollywood's hottest 40+ -year-old, she has an amazing resume that she's built on her own character. She is so genuine in all of her interviews and is so versatile in the roles she plays. 

She embraces Hollywood glamor and class. She's stayed out of scandal and keeps her personal life personal. She's funny and smart. At least for myself, she's capable of always making me laugh. She's not afraid to be herself. These traits have given her quite the following and fan-base. So basically, she's awesome! 

All of this praise is great, but my most admired trait of hers is this:
She has a way of leaving much to be desired while also seeming completely open and friendly.

I have no clue how she accomplishes it, but she does. And she does so beautifully. In my opinion, this is what makes her such an inspiration. She's so friendly and happy- she makes people like me feel as if she and I could be awesome friends. At the same time, she's never really talked about... She keeps her personal life under wraps and has been able to sustain some amount of privacy. Her modesty and quirky personality help this, no doubt, but I still have no idea how she does it!
I have come nowhere close to reaching her level of fame, yet I feel as if I am less welcoming and less humble than she. It's weird to look at someone so famous and feel so incredibly inferior while so empowered at the same time. When I talk about her being inspiring, this is what I'm talking about- She has this aura of kindness that I completely look up to her for.

Who inspires you?