26 August 2013

Current Playlist

I've always been a pretty laid-back person when it comes to music. 

I don't really hate anything, but I love country!
I'm a fan of easy listening music, like Coldplay, OneRepublic, the Script. 

I think college has corrupted me, though. My typical go-to music isn't really what's blasting around campus on the average night. I have a respect for the frats that rock Wagon Wheel, and even some Miranda Lambert! But, on any given night, the club tunes are what I can hear most prominently, and that's definitely had an impact on the music I tend to choose on my own. My recent iTunes purchases will vouch for that...

Here are a few of my favorite, college-worthy tunes:
1. I Hate College by Sam Adams
2. Wake Me Up- Avicii
3. Boomerang- The Summer Set
4. Roar- Katy Perry
5. Chloe- Emblem3
6. Holy Grail- Jay Z
7. Hold On, We're Going Home- Drake
8. Applause- Lady Gaga

My top-played college track is definitely I Hate College. It's an old song, I am aware. But it's so catchy. Yes, manly and crazy. But so much fun! The guys go crazy when this song comes on, making the nights just that much more fun.

Good music = Good times