25 April 2013

Paradise in the Suburbs

So, there's not much that I can get to within 15 minutes from my house. I can get to school, church, the movies theater/ mall, and .... Starbucks! Starbucks is my hometown paradise. I can come here and just forget the world outside (except for people watching, of course!). I've got to refrain from coming here too often; that'd break the bank and the scale! :)

Whenever I can, I try to make my way out here. I don't know about your local Starbucks, but mine has the kindest employees and costumers! When I'm here, I'm treated like an adult rather than a high school kid... probably because I come here and study when I skip school, oops!

One thing that I am loving right now are my iced drinks! With the sunshine and warmer weather, I'm finally getting back to my favorite drinks! I'm a huge fan of the Passion Iced Tea, Iced Caramel Macchiato, and the Iced Vanilla Latte! I always get them skinny so I can get them big.. plus the full ones are too sweet for me! I still want that coffee taste, just with a hint of somethin' else!

I feel as if I talk about Starbucks all the time! If you follow my twitter or instagram, you'd probably see that I'm more than a little obsessed. It's aright though, because if I go down, I'll take everyone down with me... starting with my study group who is meeting me here today.

what's your favorite drink?