21 April 2013


I am and always have been a huge fan of TED Talks and the inspiration/ knowledge that I get from the leaders featured in the talks. Recently, this video was brought to my attention in church- of all places! I loved the application there, so I went home and watched the video fro myself. I've found this Talk to be one of the most useful one I've seen. In in, Simon Sinek talks about the "why" or major companies and how a vision can make one more successful than the other (think Apple vs. Microsoft).

What I took away most from the Talk, though, was about how this is applicable to my life. Being young and having many resumes and interviews ahead of me, I need to focus on what my "why" is. Who am I and WHY do I want whatever it is that I want? A job? An internship? Why am I interviewing, how will I make this opportunity benefit myself and others, and what will I be doing (in that order)? Why am I living my life like this? Knowing my "why" will ultimately be the key to what I end up doing in life. Having a job that satisfies my "why" will bring me happiness and devotion to whatever it is that I end up doing with my life.

This will be quite a task, but it will be infinitely worth it!