30 April 2013

Top 5: April 2013

I cannot believe that April has come and gone! I'm entering the final days of high school and life as I know it. The sun is shining daily and my porch has become my go-to hangout. I am in no way complaining, but it just feels as if life is passing by so so quickly! 

As per usual, I am going to look back on my top 5 favorites of this month!

Lilly Pulitzer

As a kid, I was never a huge fan of dresses. I think it was because I was more the type to run around with the boys than to look cute for them. This year, though, I've been looking for any excuse to wear a dress! The warm weather is perfect for cute sundresses and they show off my runner's legs! Plus, they're oh so comfortable and flattering! I'm kicking myself for not liking them before and have been buying up so many dresses lately. Now, I'm just looking for places to wear them.

Natural Hair
So I have this awkward hair that's straight with a teeny-tiny bit of wave. And there's only some wave if I put product in and DON'T comb it. But, it'll dry basically straight with a comb through. I've pretty much hated this about my hair, because it never looked super put together. Lately, though, I've been embracing the natural wave of it. I hardly use my flat iron and I let it air dry, which has resulted in my hair being so much smoother and healthier. 

Senior Prom

My family is a close family, but it's never been like this before. I think I'm just enjoying my last few months at home with my mom and dad before I'm on my own... eek! But seriously, I give up everything to be with them. I make an effort to have dinner with them a majority of the nights each week and to tell them daily that I love them. They're the most supportive, loving, selfless people I know and would give me the world if they could have given me the world. If I want it, they do their best to make sure I have it even if I have to wait. If I need help, they do their best to help me or find someone who can. My sister and I are their top priorities and I pray that I can one day be as wonderful to my children. 

North Carolina
Kinda weird, I know, but I've been planning and thinking ahead for my future. While I have two years of undergrad at Purdue, I will be applying to pharmacy schools in a couple of short years. Purdue does have a fantastic pharmacy program that I will apply to, but I have always been a fan of the south and the east coast; I've always wanted to leave the midwest. University of North Carolina dawned on me as the perfect school! It's ranked in the top of the country, is very well known, has 4 seasons that aren't as extreme as the midwest, and embraces the best of the east coast and south. I've only been to the beach in N.C., so a visit to Chapel Hill is in store!

It's been a while since I talked about my best friend. She's a favorite every month, but deserves a spot this month. We went to the beach together and it was fantastic! On top of that, she and I have become so incredibly close and she gets me through just about anything. She's really sick, so prayers to LEM! And, her birthday is Thursday... and the only thing I like better than online shopping is online shopping for someone else! I can't wait for her presents... (some Tory Burch and Marley Lilly, maybe?)! I just can't imagine what I'd be without my best friend. 

Another month has come and passed with all sorts of new experiences and memories. April has been an enjoyable month, but I'm ready for May and summer!