24 April 2013

New Specs!

If there's one thing that I absolutely hate about myself, it's that I can't see worth anything! I probably have the worst sight for an 18 year old and I loathe that fact. It's so annoying to always have to be wearing glasses or contacts! In fact, while I was on vacation I tore one of my contacts and conveniently forgot to bring a backup pair. I was stuck for 3 days with a torn, itchy contact. I don't know if anyone else struggles with this besides me...

One thing that has grown on my is my glasses. I used to hate how I looked in glasses (probably because I always picked out the ugliest pair in the store... ugh! What was I thinking?!), but my lazy days in high school have enabled me to love the way I look in glasses. Seriously, I could be in the most uncomfortable outfit and still feel a little better if my contacts weren't in. It's nice to be able to give my eyeballs a break throughout the week and wear my glasses. A cute pair never hurts, either!

Kate Spade Glasses

So, yesterday I bought these beauts. They're kinda crazy for me, but oh so cute! One way to look good, even on your "lazy day"? Kate Spade glasses, oh yes. I have to wait a week to get them in, but I cannot wait!

Love those 4 eyes!