26 April 2013

Black Hole Shopping

There are plenty of times when I begin to feel overwhelmed or like I don't know what to do next. Shopping is typically not one of those times. I usually enjoy shopping. It is usually a form of therapy- the best form of therapy: retail therapy! But, with dorm shopping ahead of me I've been looking at all kinds of stuff that I want to get or feel that I need. And I'm overwhelmed.

First of all, these stores are like a black hole. I go into them (or log onto the website) and feel like my thoughts can't focus. There is so much that I need to think about for the future that I begin to panic! This is crazy to me! I'm usually so collected and organized; this is different, though. It's a mix of fear, excitement, and anxiety. Put together, I'm a mess in these big department stores.

this humorous representation is not-so-humorous anymore.

Let's start with the most obvious: IKEA. It's a known fact that the stores are purposely built like a maze. I've been in the stores many times before, but it's just different this time. I think it's because it's me picking out what I need... or think I need. Suddenly, I'm lost in the maze. I've given into their ploy!! I hate knowing that I've been defeated, and the thought of IKEA just screams "defeat" to me.

Now IKEA for the OCD is called the Container Store... and let me just tell you, it's a dream come true. Firstly, the place is alllll about organization, which I love. The problem? Too. Many. Choices. What style do I want? What do I want? Do I really need it? How broke am I going to be after today? These panicky questions flash across my mind just when I type in the web address.

Luckily, these mazes in my mind will be sorted out with one solution: momma! I'm still a little girl at heart and I need my mom. I plan on numerous shopping trips to get me ready for this next chapter of my life. Right now, I feel like these stores suck me in with no intentions on letting me get back out. Stressful? Yes. but, exhilarating?