01 April 2013

Top 5: March 13

It's that time again! A new month means looking back at what all has happened in my life the last month. Good and bad, March is one month closer to warmer weather so I can't complain. This month I got into a few new habits, as well as rekindling my love for a few new ones! Here it goes, my favorites for the month of March:
1. Lilly Pulitzer
I've been a Lilly fan for a while, but this month has taken my interest to a new level. I love reading the brand blog and looking at new arrivals- either I don't look close enough on a daily basis, or new stuff is added almost daily! I also began reading a biography on the one and only Lilly P., and have gained so much love and respect for the woman that is known so well in American culture! She was such an inspiration in the 20th century, and also seems very humble and kind. I'd absolutely love to meet her.

2. Country Music
As I've stated many times before, I've become a huge fan of country music! I love Rascal Flatts, Florida Georgia Line, you name it, I probably like it! On a completely different note, the new OneRepublic album is great too!

3. MacBook
This month, my parents bought me my MacBook- more affectionately called my baby- which could be one of the most convenient presents for the whole family! My stuff stays out of their way and they stay out of mine. perfection. One thing that I haven't quite gotten used to is the function of apps on the computer... I guess I don't have the need for them at this point. I am looking for some apps (preferably free for now) that may be useful! Send them my way!

4. Running
I've been a regular runner for the past couple of years. I run for enjoyment and exercise, but I haven't been running lately because it's been such a cold winter! I have outdoor running clothes, but I just hate being cold. Anyways, being on vacation has given me the opportunity to run in shorts and t-shirts on the beach, barefoot. Can't beat that, and it'll be way too cold when i get home if it's anywhere between 70 degrees! I've ruined myself. But, hopefully I'll get in shape to run a few half marathons this summer!

5. Soda Water
Yes, a bit random, but my dad went shopping and there must have been a great deal on Perrier, because he came home with 10 cases of it! I'm not the person to demand "fancy" water, but it's been enjoyable while we've had it! It reminds me of being in Europe- since water is more expensive than beer and so you might as well get the fancy kind- and it just puts a spin on the ever important staying hydrated. 

So, there we are. These are the top 5 new additions to my life since the beginning of the month. I've had a great month of school, which ended with two weeks of vacation! No room for complaints, and the best part of the year is quickly approaching! 

What will you remember from March?