31 March 2013

Beach Reads Review

Earlier, I posted about the books that I was planning to read while on vacation. I have started two of the three that I plan to, and figured I'd give a short review of each of them for anyone who is interested in picking one of them up.

A Farewell to Arms is certainly a great read! It's set in the time of WWI, where the main character works for the Italian army. I'm halfway through the book and love the depth of it! It's got so much substance: there's a love story and a war, as well as some outside conflicts that I will keep to myself so as not to spoil it for you! Most of my peers laugh when I tell them that I read books by Hemingway and Fitzgerald for fun, but I truly enjoy the stories! I have to get past the idea that the book is old and I read these authors in school (so that I don't get bored before I even give it a chance). If I can do that, I really begin to enjoy the humor and symbolism that just isn't there in more current novels. If you're looking for an enjoyable, deep read, I'd recommend this one!

Lilly is captivating! It is such a fantastic read about the woman whose fashion has been so inspirational in America! I just started it today, and have already read almost a quarter of it! Granted, it's not the longest book, but it's definitely worth the purchase. While I'm a huge Lilly fan, I never really knew all of the background on her line or of her family (which is a giant web of million- and billionaires), and have gained so much respect for Lilly and her family just from the initial chapters of this book. It's an easy, informative read that I suspect I will continue to enjoy greatly. 

If you're like me, your list of books that you want to read is a mile long! If you have the opportunity to squeeze a few more in there, give these two a try! They've been great for me so far, and while I'm not the pickiest reader, I wouldn't hesitate to bash a book that I don't find worth the money I spent on it. Of course, I want book recommendations from you too!

Which books are top on your "to read" list?