08 March 2013

The Early Bird Gets the Worm...

...or so the saying goes.

I've been an early riser my whole life. All through high school, while my friends sleep in until 12 or 1, I'm up early and getting stuff done. The thought of wasting my day away unconscious just makes me sick and stressed out. There is so much that can and has to be done... relaxation comes later! I take my relaxation time seriously, but it really does come at the end of my day. After about 10:00 pm, I shut down, log off, and relax. Before 10 am is a whole different story. 

For instance, today before 8 am, and the start of school, here's what I got done:
woke up/ got ready
packed my lunch
made eggs for breakfast
caught up on twitter, instagram, facebook from last night
went to the library and got a 30 min study session in
answered e-mails and spoke with teachers
went to class

While this pales in comparison to may favorite blogger, Carly, this is quite a list of accomplishments for pre-8 am! 

You've all heard the studies of the benefits of getting up early. Here's a completely unscientific reason for getting up: it makes me feel so much more prepared! Without my morning schedule and getting that start on my day, I would be an even more stressed out mess than I already am! While getting up early may seem horrific to some, it adds hours to my days and years to my life. I'd be a mess without my morning routine.

Are your mornings hectic and sporadic or calm and planned out?