30 March 2013

Passion at it's Finest

So, music is a huge part of my life. Not only did I participate in show choir for most of my high school career, but I rarely am found without headphones in or on my person at the very least. Like a watch keeps time, music keeps me going! Not in a depressed way, but in a "music brings out the best of life" way. I'm the person who bought the iPhone not because everyone else had it, or it had good apps, but because of the convenience with iTunes and my music library. I always have my extensive music library on me!

As I believe I've mentioned before, I like music that has meaning and true talent behind it. Artists who sing songs with meaning get big points with me; those who write their own music get huge props from me! And this is where I talk about maybe one of the most talented people in the musical world right now: Ryan Tedder.

Ryan is most known as the frontman for the band OneRepublic, but he doesn't get near the credit that is owed him. In fact, the band is very underrated, in my opinion. Not only does Ryan sing for OR, he is their main writer and producer. On top of that, he is possibly the greatest writer right now! He writes for Beyonce, Gavin DeGraw, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood.. he's probably written for every major artist in the pop world right now. Amazing.

People like Ryan Tedder inspire me with their music. Just listening to their work demonstrates the passion that is behind the music. OneRepublic just released their newest album, Native, and I seriously recommend giving it a listen. I've always heard that artists can hardly ever top their first album, but OR keeps getting better! Not only is the music catchy, but the lyrics are meaningful and so much original, hard work has gone into this album. If you don't listen now, I assure you that you'll be hearing about this one at the awards shows. 

I can only hope that I'll have equal passion for my career that Ryan has. Until that point, I'll continue soaking up the passion flowing from the work of others.