11 March 2013

Going South: the Essentials

Spring is coming and whether you're going south for vacation or are just going to enjoy the northern sun, there are a few essentials for spring!



1. The classic J. Crew chinos and VV shep shirt. The chinos are wonderful! They can be dressed up or down, and match almost anything. They're easily the best investment. The VV shirt is totally worth every cent! I love wearing these while taking night walks on the beach or while out at a windy pier. And these two together? The perfect spring outfit.

2. Caps! I used to never be a fan of wearing hats, but I've grown quite fond of them. I love big, flop hats for dressing up; ball caps I use to run in or while out at the beach to keep the sun off my face and the sand out of my hair. I love the cute colors of Ralph Lauren ones! 

3. For those at the beach, a cute beach bag is totally essential. This is actually the bag that I bought from Lilly Pulitzer and I'm in love (beach bag packing coming soon!) It's so big that it can hold almost anything and act as a second "carry on" type bag for traveling to and from the vacation destination. Next to it is a kindle. This picture actually kindof summarizes my beach time. Sunglasses, hat, and a good book. Can't get better than that! 

It's no secret that I'm so looking forward to spring break and warm weather! The closer I get, the more I want to just start packing right now! 

What are your spring essentials?