23 March 2013

Beach Reads

So yes, I am officially on the first day of spring intercession!! It's about time! And while I've been obsessing over new swim suits and clothes, my hardest shopping is yet to be done: my beach reads!

Those of you who enjoy reading will understand how instrumental this purchase is to an awesome vacation! Too serious of stories can lead to a loss of the lightness of the season. A read without depth is just... well it's just boring. Nobody wants boring. So, after much deliberation and reading reviews on GoodReads, I've picked my top three!

Perhaps the most fitting read for the season, Lilly: Palm Beach, Tropical Glamour, and the Birth of a Fashion Legend has been on my list of books to read for a while. The reviews spoke quite highly of the authors accuracy and of the biography in general. I think it'll be an interesting read and will certainly be fun while in the car, on the beach, or by the pool.

That Book about Harvard has been on my "To Read" list for a while now... ever since I saw it a Barnes & Noble. The Ivy league - the culture, not just the schools- has always been of huge interest to me. This book looks funny and insightful! Just what I enjoy. I'm really excited to read this one. While it's last on my priority list for spring break, I'm hoping that I'll get to at least start it.

I've been a Hemingway fan ever since I read The Sun Also Rises for a school analysis (I know, I couldn't believe that I liked a school book either!). I actually have to read A Farewell to Arms for my AP Lit class, but it's a good read for spring break. I love Hemingway's writing style, and his stories are not a blatant love story, but still have a romance aspect to them, which is perfect. (I read too much Nicholas Sparks in middle school... no more sappy love stories for this girl!)

There's just something about the beach and a good book. After this strenuous year, I'm so ready to get lost in someone else's world for a couple of weeks while hearing the sound of the ocean. I promised myself that I wouldn't start these books until the trip down to Florida, and it's killing me to wait 4 more days! But the wait will be worth it, I just hope these books aren't a letdown.

What are you reading this spring season?