02 February 2015

Quit Battling Your Skin

It's no secret that my skin has been... temperamental lately. I've been trying everything under the sun to get my hormonal acne to clear up but, as I should have known, my hormones can't be beat ;) So, I've found a solution that at least clears up the redness & shrinks the blemishes. That's enough for me! As I'm sure many people struggle with similar skin issues, I figured I'd share what works right now. 

Before I get started, my ultimate, #1, do. not. break. this. rule. rule is don't touch it.
It's hard for me too, but that alone will help it clear up. Okay now on to what I've been using!

At night, I start by taking off my makeup, which I just use Sephora brand makeup remover. From there I tie up my hair and head to the sink. Obviously, I wash my face with warm water and pat it dry. I then use a toner/ clarifying lotion to clean out my pores even better! I rinse with cold water to close my pores and lock in all the good, cleanness. I use an Ultra Repair Cream all over my face and neck. I put on enough that it doesn't all soak in... just to keep my skin hydrated through the night. If needed, I'll use my trusty EradiKate on any blemishes that I'm dying to pop. My mom says that this dries her out so she has to be careful with it... I'm not that way so I can use it pretty liberally. Regardless, it'll clear up your blemishes. You just might have some dry or flaky spots if you're like my mom. Then I go to sleep and wake up with (usually) clear(er) skin! Magic!

Now my routine in the morning is a little different. I work out before class, so I have to get all the sweat and grime out of my pores pronto! I use St. Ives Apricot Exfoliator (not pictured) on my face and body at the end of my shower. When I get out, all I really need is a moisturizer, so I use the Clinique Moisture Surge- side note, this stuff is amazing. It's texture is similar to a makeup primer. It just glides on and makes your skin so. soft. A little bit goes a long long long way!- and brightening eye cream around/under my eyes. I let that all sit and apply my makeup on top!

Disclaimer: this routine has miraculously worked for me. It took some time and lots of failing, but I've kept my skin in-check for now. I have never had "bad" skin so this was all new to me. I have yet to set foot in a dermatologist's office... but that's coming up! This may work for you, it may not. But if you're at a loss when it comes to products, I highly recommend these and I know you can walk into any Sephora and ask for samples!

Also, let me know what works for you or what your skin Holy Grail items are... I'm open to any suggestions!