04 March 2013

What I'm Busy Doing

You may (or may not) have noticed that I've been taking a few days between posts. As much as I hate doing so, I've realized that I can't stress about posting, because I need to stay excited new topics and posts. I figured with all this time away, I'd give a little update on what I'm spending my very sparse free time doing.

When I first bought Mumford & Sons' music, I wasn't a huge fan. 
But that is quickly changing.

Unfortunately, March did not bring with it any warmer weather. 
But the newest Starbucks drink makes the cold a little more bearable.
It's a Hazelnut Macchiato... basically hot, liquid Nutella. Yum.

Lusting over a new MacBook. 
My laptop is old, so I'e been using my dad's laptop for the past year or so. Graduation is so close at this point, and I'm debating the best choice for college and the future.

I'm hoping that the craziness dies down, the weather warms up, and these next few weeks fly by. I just want to be on the beach right now!! 

What's been keeping you busy?