16 April 2013

Snail Mail

Almost a year ago, I challenged myself to begin sending words of encouragement to at least one person a day. Whether in person, over the phone, or on social media, I wanted to give encouragement in this judgmental society. I stuck with it for a while, and then began accepting me telling someone they looked cute as "enough" for the day. Yeah, so not what I had planned. 

My new goal to be more positive and open has struck me to begin doing this again. But, this time, I'm playing by the rules! In fact, I'm making them a little harder on myself: I've either got to write a letter or tell them in person. Now, while I'm a social person, I'm pretty sure that I'll be buying quite a few stationery sets in the near future. But hey, maybe this will help me become more outgoing and comfortable with speaking up when it comes to encouragement rather than discouragement. 
plus, I just find handwritten letters so sweet!

So, here it goes! To change, encouragement, and "glass half full"! Even the more unforgiving people have redeeming qualities and were put on this earth for one reason or another. So today I will start by writing an anonymous letter to my favorite teacher. It's only anonymous because he's not very... personable. But he's different and incredibly smart, which is what is so wonderful about him! 

To encourage my encouragement, some stationery shopping is in store!

Here are some that I am absolutely dying for!

Cute and functional- can't go wrong there!

(p.s. the past few posts have been a little harsh on society. I just want to make clear that I love the people in my life and don't feel any anger directed towards myself. I love people and only strive to make the world a better place!)