16 April 2013

Quick to Anger

After the happenings in Boston yesterday, I began thinking about how angry and violent our world is. It seemed that people would get made over the silliest things: wrong food at a restaurant, a bad evaluation, or that something "isn't fair". As I thought through these ideas, I was calmed by the fact that I'm very laid back and slow to anger. I go with the flow, I don't let little things upset me, and, when given the wrong food, it just means I get to try something new! I was proud of myself for being such a "half glass full" person.

Then it hit me. I was driving home today and got caught behind a car that didn't take any chances while pulling out onto the street. And, by that I mean they let probably no fewer than 8 perfectly sane openings in traffic pass before they FINALLY pulled out!!!!! Wow! Not only am I lying to myself, but I'm pathetic to think that others are lower than myself for their anger and hostility. I experienced a classic "take the stick out of your own eye before examining the speck in another's" epiphany. After my bought of road rage and frustration passed, I felt foolish. I realized just how quickly emotions can take over, and how selfish those emotions are for everyone, including myself.

That event, plus some others of the night, helped me realize how radically my view of life and the world needs to change. Life is a beautiful time that has been granted to us. Who am I to think that I deserve this or that? I have no entitlement. What I have is a beautiful mind. A mind that can function and can carry me to worlds I'd previously only dreamed of; what am I doing wasting that on anger and frustration? What is the WORLD doing wasting that on violence and inflicting pain? I don't know, but all I can do is change me.

So, that's what I'll do.