13 April 2013

Spring Looks

I don't know about you, but I find this time of year very challenging when it comes to figuring out how to dress. Not only does weather and temperature change day to day, but it also changes within the day! I always have to make sure that I'm dressed appropriately for certain weather in the morning, but so that I won't get too hot while in school or during the day. I find it challenging, but I've come up with some good outfits for managing this bipolar weather. I've been able to come up with a few basic outfits that are versatile and fun for spring!

1. The Cassie Dress
As we all know, Lilly Pulitzer is a genius when it comes to functional and cute. One of my favorite styles is the Cassie or Kaleb dress. It's perfect for the cooler spring days, but is also lightweight for summer. And, with some leggings, can be a cute look for fall, too! What's not to love? The dresses come in all different prints and colors. I have some basic colored ones as well as some printed. I love the flamingo print of this one! (Current Lilly Bonus: get a free bangle with any dress purchase!)

2. Gap Skimmer Khakis
I'm not really a huge fan of the normal colored khakis on me. I think they was me out a little bit. But, Gap has some awesome, affordable khakis that come in all different colors! I find Gap to be a little bit hit-or-miss at times, but these were definitely hit! I bought the navy ones to start with, since I was needing some navy pants. But, I'm trying to find the time to go back and buy a few more in a different colors! These are so perfect for spring or, again, cooler summer days and nights.

3. Blazers
Blazers are such a cute way to dress up a casual outfit. They've been one of my favorite aspects of my spring outfits, since they can easily bring bright colors to a more basic outfit. Also, depending on what you wear underneath, they provide the perfect outfit transition from day to night. Can't go wrong with these!

4. Cardigans
A girl can never have too many cardigans; that's a fact! I love wearing them on the days when it's too cold for just a shirt but too hot for a jacket or sweater. I love the J. Crew ones, because they're so comfortable and offered in so many different colors. Because I like to have one in every color, I tend to buy them from the J. Crew Factory. I just checked today, and guess what? They're on sale!! So stock up on your cardis! 

It's no secret that I love springtime and the colors that come with it! I love to incorporate those colors into my outfits. Plus, brighter outfits tend to lead to a brighter attitude!

Happy Shopping!