18 April 2013

Joy is Between the Pages

I'm not sure there's every been an online image that I've found more true. It seems like I am always wanting more books, more time to read, and new shelves to put all of my books on! I 100% attribute my love of reading to my parents and their diligence in reading to me every night. Once I got to the age where I was only enough to really comprehend but not yet read on my own, I chose the longest books for them to read to me! Robert the Rose Horse is one that I especially remember... 

I don't know where I'd be without my books! They've taken me around the world, through numerous cultures and lives, and into worlds that would never exist had the book not been written (ahem, Harry Potter!) New technology has enabled me to never be without a book. Whether paperback, on my Kindle, or in my Kindle app, I'm never far from a book. Goodreads and Amazon keep me constantly on my toes for the next book to read! ...One thing I really need to take more advantage of is my library card, because books get expensive! 

The thing is, I've always dreamed of having a "home office" where there are floor to ceiling bookcases filled and filled with all of the books I've read. If I borrow from a library, while more economic, I'll not have it for my library. But, I guess that's the same with using my Kindle. I don't know, I'll work on it! Saving money now will get me my dream library in the future. :)

I'm the nerd who goes to Starbucks to read. Or can spend hours in Barnes and Noble. Some say I'm weird... or "boring"! But I would't change my love for the world. It is so great and so educational.

If only there was a 25th hour in the day set aside specifically for reading.