07 November 2013

21 Before 21 Update

I promised I'd periodically give updates on how my "bucket list" is progressing...

After completing a month without sweets, I'm proud to say that my sweet tooth has indeed diminished! I hardly feel the need for dessert and I don't really snack all that much. So, to everyone with a sweet tooth as bad as mine- go for a month off and see where you end up! 

Feeding off these healthier eating habits, I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle and working out regularly. My goal is to run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon this coming May- something that I've wanted to do for the past few years but have always chickened out on. I have a short race lined up for Thanksgiving that will hopefully propel my training into the cold winter. 

Last update, I mentioned that I was working on accessorizing... and I think I've reached my goal! I've come to accept that I will never be a "jewelry girl", but I have definitely progressed. Instead of jewelry, belts, etc. being after-thoughts, they are defining thoughts in my outfit process. When I pick out what I plan to wear, I mentally go through my jewelry and what pieces I can wear. I recently bought a monogrammed ring that I have yet to wear- but plan to very soon! My mom bought me a lovely statement necklace for my birthday that I wish I could wear every day but it just would be too repetitive. While I may not have the most extensive jewelry selection, I'm slowly building my choices and really embracing the freshness that I new piece can bring to an "old" outfit... another goal crossed off! 


This weekend I will be crossing off my #16- get into a cause! I will be participating in an 18 hour dance marathon at Purdue that benefits Riley. Yes, there will be dancing, but there will be games, theme contests, Riley stories, and so much more. Thousands of students come to the PUDM to have a great weekend and benefit an even better hospital! Our goal is to raise $1 Million, and I believe that it is possible. This Sunday we'll find out the total, which will be so exciting!
possibly even more exciting? going to sleep after 18 hours on my feet! 

Another goal that I might be reaching in the near future is to take a class for fun! I have 13 credit hours that I am required to take next semester, so it's a great time to take a class that I find to be purely entertainment. One of my best friends is going to take a ballet class. I was thinking a foreign language (francaise?) but I've been looking at all kinds of classes that I never would have imagined would even be offered! 

All-in-all, I have been keeping these goals in the front of my mind so that I can achieve them all on time! Because I've been loving reading so much, I'm thinking about adding a #20.5 (so it'll still be a total of 21 things) that is to read 100 books! A huge goal, yes. But it's one that I am always doing and will give me the motivation to read read read! 

When I think of the 21 things that I plan to get done, it can seem overwhelming... a lot of my goals take time and energy, and planning. But, that's the beauty of having such a long time limit. A little under two years at this point, but I have so much to do that I can't take a break. I am constantly working towards at least one goal, but I don't get overwhelmed because of the long time limit. For a planning perfectionist like myself, this is working swimmingly! 

how are your goals going?