27 September 2013

Currently Loving...

I'm absolutely loving life right now! School is great, LEM is coming tonight, and I'm just discovering so many cool things through meeting people and hearing about new things. My roommate loves nail polish, so I've been spending too much on nail polish. I'm loving fall colors like green and navy!
 (okay I love green and navy all the time...)

As always, style is a way of life. I'm learning so much through my style and design news on Flipboard and my new magazine subscriptions: Vogue and Elle! Outside of the classroom I'm basically the opposite of my major, and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing...
check back Sunday for more on that whole issue. 
Something about the season and the dress just turns me into this whole new person. I love being outside and I imagine myself in a movie, playing my own personal "soundtrack" as I walk to class. I haven't really gotten into new music, but I'm just re-discovering some old favorites. From Miley to Coldplay, my music taste is always varying and random. I tend to like music that is thought provoking, but college has made me like this nasty club music that I'm not necessarily proud of. But hey, it's college right?

So I give you, my currents...

Currently On The Nails:

 Essie. Once I find a brand that works for me, I tend to stick with it. Essie has so many shades and they're so youthful and fun! This fall, I'm loving Stylenomics, After School Boy Blazer, Penny Talk, and The Lace is On. I'd put them all on at once if I could, but I try to avoid the tacky at all costs. I just change them out all the time. 
I've got a mani/pedi waiting for me in a couple of weeks- perfect! 

Currently On My Body:
Longchamp. Ball Cap. Lotion. Vest. Scarf.
Can't go wrong with any of these. My Longchamp has been my best friend. I own two.. hopefully a third in the near future. Usually I would hate the lack of compartmentalization, but I love being able to throw anything and everything in there and get on my way. It makes switching from one color to the other to my backpack and back again a breeze (and trust me, that happens more than it needs to). 
I've almost always got a cap and scarf with me, tucked away in my Longchamp, of course! The wind and my lack of tolerance for my hair often results in a pony and cap by the end of the day. And the scarves? They're actually used more in class than outside. Purdue must still think it's 100 degrees out because the classrooms are frigid!!! My go-to scarf is always Burberry- they're big enough to cover as a "blanket" in class but can be styled so many ways on my neck, too! 
My Lotion is a must for the cool weather. I've been blessed with this wonderful Northern-European heritage in which my skin becomes dry and cracked in the cold. A moisturizer is always good; usually I'm not one for scents, but Bath and Body Works drew me in with their $5 full-size products and I had to get the Aspen Caramel Woods, which is the epitome of fall and has garnered more compliments than expected
wow! That smells just like fall. Yes, I know, isn't it wonderful?

Currently On Repeat:

Like I said, my music choice has gotten... just weird. Starting with One Direction, I am shamelessly a fan. I took my sister and cousins to their concert this summer and left thinking "That was a good show, the songs are fun, and the guys are very  good looking." And there you have it. They're broadening their audience by doing the Today show, their movie, and making unexpected appearances (Harry at #LFW?) but there are no complaints from this girl. I've been loving the mix of upbeat and thought-provoking songs. They're a fun bunch of guys and I'll proudly support them!
Not a Fan? I still suggest you check out Harry Styles' "Don't Let Me Go" on Youtube

Okay, so Lorde has taken the world by storm. I only have Royals, but I've listened to the other songs and they're so catchy, but with a melancholy feel- it's odd for music, but it's been growing on me! (and the fact that she mentions "Queen B" just means I have to love her) Talk about odd music tastes- Miley Cyrus is getting a little weird. I don't endorse twerking, nudity, or basically anything she's been up to lately, but I love a song that can bring out emotions. Wrecking Ball does that beautifully. If you just forget about the provocative, creepy video, the song is pretty great.
Check out Lorde's Royals

Coldplay and OneRepublic have been favorites of mine for as long as I can remember. They're like the style in a world of fashion. Through all the changing music and new artists, I can always go back to their albums and enjoy them like the first time. Both artists are truly artists, from the lyrics to the music, and I appreciate that so much. The changes they've made to the sound have only been for the better and I think I'd probably die if they did a song together. Like flat out, on the ground. Probably from hyperventilation. 
Check out Amsterdam by Coldplay and Can't Stop by OneRepublic

What are you Currently Loving?