17 September 2013


Is there ever a wrong time to travel?


The answer is always no. And with New York fashion week and now London fashion week, I want nothing more than to visit some of my favorite cities for a weekend and explore. I want to dress up, walk around, and take pictures. I want to sit and people watch. Take tours and eat the local food.

Wanderlust is my current mood.
There's such a thrill of waking up in an unknown city and knowing that you you get explore. See the sights and be whoever you want! And the best would be to live for 6 months- long enough to see it all but not so long that you get tired of it. 

I have a feeling that most of my savings are going to go towards traveling, because being cooped up in my dorm and on this campus-while wonderful and fun- is making me want to fly away! I can't be the only one to feel this way...

The first place I'd go?