19 September 2013

Smoking Slippers

I have long been on the hut for the perfect pair of loafers or smoking slippers.

I've looked everywhere- online, department stores, boutiques. You name it, I've looked. Of course I've found some perfect ones... that conveniently cost $300. I love shoes, but I've never owned a pair of shoes like this before. All I know is the vision that I have in my head of how they should look, and all that I find in my price range look cheap. 

I guess that's the problem, though. Smoking slippers aren't the typical person's choice of shoe. They're a luxury. So now my choice is to either settle with the price tag or not having them. My intensive searching and the welcoming of the fall season has proven to find a few pairs that I really am loving. Whether you're like me and want to save or have the money to splurge (I am jealous!), I've found a promising selection.

Have you caught on to what style I'm loving this fall? Yep. Tory Burch everything. But seriously, they're a "splurge" but none of the pairs I have here are over $300, so even that's doable... or would be if I wasn't in college and still had a job. I was really surprised at the selection Nordstrom has, and the Jack Rogers really surprised me, as well! Sperrys are great for all year and I love the cute bird. But I might just have to save up my monthly allowances for a pair of the Tory Burch flats- they're just too perfect! 

Are you liking the splurge or the save?