20 September 2013

College Morning Routine

I've been at school for 6 weeks now- crazy, I know- and 
I'd like to think that I'm adjusting well.
I've experienced my first round of exams and meetings. I've found a few clubs to love and a [more than] a few friends, too! The work load is crazy. I'm always busy, but I'm loving it! One aspect of life that really suggests that I'm adjusted is my morning routine.

I love waking up earlier than I need to in order to get things done. 
At home, I'd get up in time to make breakfast and get to school in enough time to get a good parking spot. College is... different.

In college, I get up in time to watch my beloved Today Show. I make a cup of tea or coffee, get my blanket and pillow, and wake up in the most peaceful way I can imagine. Depending on when I need to get to class, I can watch more or less. Some days I have it on while getting ready and peak around to the tv when something catches my... ear. 

College has been one huge adjustment. 
For me, it was all about finding my routine. I like having things planned and having a general schedule, but I really love being able to make my own schedule. It's made college feel a lot more like home and having that "waking up" time in the morning to mentally prepare for my day is sacred. Finding this little bit of time (even if it means sacrificing sleep) has been so wonderful for me. 

I love waking up with Today!
How do you wake up?