01 September 2013

A Very Lilly Fall

September 1st.

Fall has officially arrived. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back. The last of the cookouts will occur tomorrow. And, designers have released the best of their fall collections. I'm always curious to see what Lilly does in the fall- the classic Lilly colors and prints just don't work with fall. I've been pleased with what I've seen so far, and am ready for sweater weather to wear all of this good stuff!

Indiana fall doesn't really lend itself well to dresses. Some can be pulled off, but typically pants are needed during the fall months. Unfortunate, yes. But luckily vests and sweaters are fun and fashionable. As Lilly Pulitzer has released most of the fall collection, I thought I'd hilight a few of my favorites.

As I said before, I love sweater weather.
I love Lilly sweaters because they're cute and dress while still keeping the fall breeze at bay. As per usual, my eye goes straight to the navy! I'm not sure why, but I'm a navy-aholic. Both of these sweaters have caught my eye.. and yes the peplum does come in navy... but for once I enjoy the look of the striking pink much better. I'm always for a little color blocking, so Debra Sweater is a winner. Peplums are always great, so I love the Aurora.

Navy lace must be a thing for me this year.
Both of these dresses have me lusting for a reason to wear a dress! I love the Remmy Dress because of its sleeves. Again, the crisp fall air calls for sleeves or a jacket. But, there's something about the Rhea Dress that makes me feel like going to a Gatsby party! I love that the lace isn't over-powering, but that it has a bit of 20's flapper inspiration while staying modern. You know me and functionality- it'd work for a Gatsby party perfectly, but it'd also work for so much more! Overall, I think I prefer the Remmy just because I think I could wear it alone with some tights and be just fine. The Rhea would take some thought into the right kind of sweater.

The Harris Coat.
I'm usually not the type to go crazy over outerwear. If it's cute, okay. But I often think that trying too hard with outerwear makes it look gaudy. This, though, is the epitome of function-fashion balance. It's gorgeous! Again, the navy and gold. I could cry it's so beautiful. I think its a good thing that I don't live close to a Lilly store, because I'm 99% sure I'd have to buy it if I saw it in person.

the Lilly fall collection makes the chilly weather seem a little more welcoming