06 September 2013

Dreaming of Burberry

Burberry is absolutely my favorite Designer.

From the classic trenches to the Check print to the scarves. I'd wear all of their looks if only I could afford them! I think it's the way that their fashion is 
so I took so long to get ready but I want to look tousled and rushed.  

I mean, look at this! So put-together but not overly polished or primped. 
I think it's a difference in culture, really. Burberry completely caters to the European lifestyle. The women want pieces that hardly go out of style but that are functional. I have a few of the Burberry scarves and, trust me, they are fashionable and functional- and over worn because I love them so much. The entire line, though, is challenging to wear because of the polished look of women in America. I'm not saying that Europeans aren't polished. They just are more accepting of the "edgy" look in the workplace and streets than in America. It's hard to explain, but it makes me want to badly to live in Amsterdam or London and be able to perfect the shabby-chic look.

For now, though, I'll keep with my scarves. I love them and hope that they'll continue to do me well.