14 October 2014

Birthday Weekend ReCap

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This weekend was a much needed fall break.
Not only was it my birthday, but the weather was beautiful and my whole family was home... at least for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Whenever I come home from school my mom always has a full schedule, and this was no exception. 

Friday night we went out to dinner and then back home to watch a movie while I unpacked and got my bearings. Saturday we got up at our own pace (very slowly) and headed to Brown County/ Nashville, IN. We ate at the cutest restaurant where we had the best sweet potato fries. They're already a favorite of mine, but these melted in my mouth. I couldn't stop eating them! Of course, we did some shopping- I ended up finding a great floppy hat, which was on my list but certainly not something I expected to find. I always love being surprised like that. Afterwords, we stopped by my grandparents' house, which meant more food and cake. Not necessary at all, but how can I say no to grandma's cooking?! :) Then we went home with full stomachs and watched the Ole Miss game- another win! Woo woo! 

Sunday was my birthday celebration with friends at the Cheesecake Factory. We got up as a family and went to church and then the girls (we left dad at home) headed to the mall for lunch. Of course there was a wait for a table... so we had to go shopping hehe. I stepped into Sephora to find new fall lipstick(s) which needed much more that 30 minutes, but I was able to find a few that I liked (more on that Thursday). Lunch ended up lasting 3 hours- it was so nice to sit and catch up with high school friends. I love hearing about their internships and projects! Most of my friends went into more creative majors- I know, where did I come from?- so I let my creative side live vicariously through them while I focus on my science-heavy courses. 

Overall, this fall break has been so nice. I'm heading back up to school tonight.. back to homework and exams, ugh. But I just know that it's going to be Thanksgiving before I know it and then Christmas! Oh my gosh, it's crazy to think how time passes. It was a great 20th birthday- I don't feel much different, all I know is that I learned so much last year and I can't wait to see what I learn this year. Let's also hope I don't make the same mistakes :)