28 October 2014

Raspberry Bite

There was one beauty item that was on the tip- top of my list this season:

raspberry lipstick.

So many of my favorite fashion bloggers had posted pictures with varying shades of raspberry and I just thought "I need it". So I started hunting and I never ever would have expected that it be as hard to find a good shade as it was. 

Firstly, I wanted to find something that wasn't too dark on my skin, but also not to pink... and not red either. You see my dilemma? So I actually took multiple trips to Sephora after doing sufficient research. 

Trip 1: Marc Jacobs... a bit more pink than I had wanted, and they didn't have the colors I had looked at online. So I made the return.

Trip 2: NARS and Dior
*Winners* so I had looked at NARS Lip Gloss in 'Quito' for a while and loved loved loved the formula, so I knew that I wanted to get that instead of the Marc Jacobs lipstick I had before. Of course, I made the mistake (but not really) of asking a salesperson what kind of berry-ish lipstick they would recommend for my skin tone. She gave me about 20 different shades, which was so helpful, but I fell in love with about 5 of them... then it came down to how they actually felt on my lip & that's where the Dior won it all. 
So, I came away with 2 great fall colors. Unnecessary? yes. Still fun? yes. 
I haven't had an opportunity to wear the more dramatic Dior color, but I wear 'Quito' at least once a week and I am in love with the NARS lip gloss so I'm sure I'll be finding reasons to get more colors. 

What's top on your fall fashion/beauty wishlist?