04 June 2013

Summer: The Anti-Schedule

So far, summer has been exactly what I've needed. It's been a break from early mornings; my late nights are now spent with friends rather than homework. I've been working on regaining my tan as well as catching up on Netflix. The lack of schedule has been perfect!
I've always been an early riser, so the fact that I've been waking up around 9:30 is enough in itself to indicate just how exhausting this past school year has been. I love waking up to the sun shining and an open pool just waiting for me to come lay out by it. Of course, summer isn't all relaxing.
On top of work and getting ready for college, I've got a lot planned for this summer! Concerts are always a summer tradition. as are grad parties- and this year, I've been planning my graduation party! ahh! On top of that, there's the family vacation to the beach for a few days leading up to the family cruise in July! I seriously can't wait to get to the South again! This summer is going to be one to remember, and it sure will be a great one! Not having a set schedule kinda freaks me out, since that's what I live by,
 but I'm going to embrace the vacation and enjoy the days in the sunshine!