09 June 2013

Summer Beauty Must-Haves

The best part about summer is flaunting your natural beauty!

For an already low-maintenance type of girl when it comes to makeup and hair, summer is a wonderful time for me! I get to spend even less time primping, meaning more time in the sun! Don't get me wrong though, I still make sure that I feel confident about how I look and I do still wear makeup. The thing is, the heat and the sun already gives me a tan and my skin isn't as dry so I don't have to use as many moisturizing products. Most days, I spend 10 minutes on my hair and face and am out the door! 

Here's how I do it:

I start off with 1. BB Cream. Each person has their own preference on how they want themselves to look, so your choice of BB Cream may be different than mine. But, I have been a fan of Maybelline's since day 1! It's good on my wallet as well as my face and having that extra SPF 30 in there is awesome! BB Cream is my go-to and then if I want to look a little more done-up I'll add some blush and bronzer. 
My eyes come second. I typically don't have to do a lot with my eyes- they're blue so I like the way they look as-is. Since I'm fair skinned and light haired, I have the world's lightest eyelashes! I wear mascara every single day whether I'm going to the gym or to a party. I love Clinique's WaterProof and Smudge- Proof Volume Mascara. It won't budge all day, but comes of easily with makeup remover. It gives my eyes enough oomph to stand out but not so much that I look like Barbie. If I were going out to dinner or to an event I'd probably add liner to my waterlines and gold eyeshadow. Otherwise, I stay simple with just the mascara.
Since I stay pretty simple with my face and eye makeup, I like to play up my lips. I really like my lips, so I like to make them stand out. Lately I've been using Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb. It's the perfect summery red/ pink that doesn't look too dramatic. I like to wear lip moisturizers like this during the day to keep my lips soft and protected from the sun. At night or if I had specific plans, I'd probably opt for some sort of lip stick. 
Lastly, nails! I'm a huge fan of Essie and am currently wearing Essie Fifth Avenue. It's an awesome bright red that looks good with everything. Summer time is the best time to pull out colors ranging from red and pink to orange and coral. 

How do you embrace your natural beauty in the summer?