16 June 2013

Obsessing Over Camelot

Lately I have been so intrigued by the Kennedy Family!

The whole "Royalty" feel of the family and their power and wealth is so cool to me! I love biographies and have been going absolutely crazy over the biographies on the Kennedys by J. Randy Taraborrelli. Reviews say that his bios take a completely different angle on the lives of the people he writes about. 

I love Jackie O, so Jackie, Ethel, Joan is a perfect book for myself! Following is After Camelot, which I think will be fascinating because it brings the family history up to present (or 2012). I love books that I can just dive into the lives of others and learn about their ways of living. Especially with such a prominent, American family and the powerful women in it. I have a feeling these books will not only tell so much about the lives of the Kennedys, but they will tell intriguing stories!

I think I've found a few books that have moved to the to of my list...