06 October 2013

Bling Bling... And Other Ways to Accessorize

One of my 21 Before 21 goals is to learn how to accessorize. 

Looking back, I probably should have made a more quantifiable goal, but I'm working with what I originally wrote. I'd say that I'm starting to really improve on my overall level of "personal style". Lately I've been enjoying hats and heels... two very new things for my everyday look. But, when I made this goal I was more focused on the jewelry aspect.

A bit of background- I've never really been huge on accessories. I tend to be more of a necessity type of girl- if it isn't necessary I won't wear it. So even thinking about necklaces, earrings, and even nail polish is new to me. But new certainly doesn't mean bad; contrary to my thoughts, I have been having so much fun wearing and shopping for jewelry! Of course, my taste is just as expensive in jewelry as in clothing. I naturally gravitate towards Kate Spade and J. Crew baubles, but budget-wise, Bauble Bar is my favorite boutique for jewelry. 

What I'm loving:

Statement Necklaces

You just can't go wrong. I'd style this J. Crew necklace with a collared shirt. It could work to either accent and complete an outfit or make the outfit. The versatility is a plus, of course! For more color, Bauble Bar has a similar style that has both subdued fall colors and bright, statement colors! Perfection. 

This pearl necklace from J. Crew is really what go me started on this whole statement necklace craze. I bought it 50% off back when I was still wary on jewelry. It was the perfect necklace to dip my toes and see how I liked it. I'll be honest, I tried it on almost every day and would take it off, thinking I just couldn't pull it off. I'm telling you- jewelry has been a struggle for me! I took it on every trip that I went on over the summer but I think I only wore it once or twice. College was where I feel able to redefine my personal style. Nobody knows how I dressed in high school or that I hardly wore jewelry. The way I carry myself (and accessorize) is completely up to me. And the best part? I get so many compliments on how well I accessorize and dress... if they only knew. 


Bracelets haven't really been a problem for me, except that I get into a routine and don't really change it up much. My left wrist is my sentimental wrist- a watch from my parents and a Tiffany bracelet from my mom. Always. I feel lost without those two pieces- it's like having my parents with me at all times without them actually being there. I still haven't mastered a "stack" for my right wrist, just because it can get annoying when I'm writing. But, like my necklaces, I'm branching out. As of now, I'm more of a bangle girl. They're easy to slip on and off and don't take much thought to put together. I'm also loving bows, so this Loren Hope bow bangle is to die for. And for her, it's an awesome price! Being sentimental and the bibliophile that I am, Kate Spade idioms are my favorites! I love this "Kick Up Your Heels" idiom (it says "Dress to the Nines" on the inside!!), and I might have to buy it just because it's so symbolic of this personal... blossoming into someone who can put a decent outfit together, if I do say so myself.  

When it comes to earrings and rings, I still am in my rut. I rarely change out my earrings because, what's better than pearls? And I've never really been huge on rings, just because I'm self conscious of my fingers and don't like bringing attention to them. I know, but we girls are weird about out insecurities! That's not to say that I don't find rings adorable! In fact, I quite love College Prepster's rings that she's always showing off. Maybe that's my next step in this accessory development?

I'll keep you posted