12 October 2013

5 Fun Things...

about this past week in my life.

1. Proper Kid Problems noticed Indiana
I about died when PKP announced the "North of the Mason Dixon Line" shirts. Then he offered a koozie and decal... my weakness. I was planning to buy the shirt anyways, but that sealed the deal! It's now happily hanging in my closet. 

2. I can wear Scarves again!
Scarves are hands-down my favorite accessory. They're easy and warm. My favorite it my Burberry Check scarf, but I have a great one from H&M that was $20. It's all about cute and functional. Funny story... Last fall we bought my dad a scarf in Amsterdam and he loved how warm it kept him! It's his fall/ winter staple now, too!

3. Google, or at least the food there, is great!
Ranked one of the greatest cafeterias in the business world, at least the eating is good at Google. At least, that's what this article says. I'm always curious to see how top companies are run and what's inside the buildings. Google is always talked about for having great opportunities and benefits. Naturally, the nerd in me found this article to be especially interesting. 

4. Pattern Indy
Guys, Pattern Indy followed me on Twitter! They're a fashion magazine based in Indianapolis.. my goodness if I could intern there or just write for them once my life would probably be made. Basically the Vogue of my hometown... and they followed me! Twitter is just as much a networking device as LinkedIn at this point, so here's to networking! 

5. Saving Money
Gosh, saving is so hard for me. It never used to be, but then I discovered so many different online shops and small boutiques online. Luckily, the holiday season is coming and I feel better when I buy other people soooo I'm stocking up on gifts now. But really, I'm trying to save as much as possible. 
Internet STOP taunting me! 


So that's the roundup of what's been going on this past week.
In addition, I've been making more time for reading and being social. I'm trying my hardest to make school a priority but October Break didn't help with that very much. Exams start up again this week... eek! so basically I'm going to be MIA for a while. 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!