17 October 2013

My Daily Cuppa'

it's not shocking to say that my body now runs on caffeine.

My days usually begin, continue, and end with a hot drink. From plain coffee to green tea to fancy Starbuck drinks, as long as it tastes good and keeps me awake, I'm sold! From what I can tell, this habit is one that will carry on for a very, very long time (my grandma still drinks coffee in the mornings) so I've been doing what I can to spice things up. I'm all for trying new things and having variety in my drinks, but I will always love my Caramel Macchiato... which has had to become skinny with the frequency with which it is bought. 

Unfortunately, the Caramel Macchiato isn't an option in this fun Levo League article.
Since the last time I looked at it, I've fallen in love with Chai Tea Lattes and have begun to carry around my "mom bag" with everything under the moon... except for band-aids, which I'll have to add now :) 
add that to my to-do list.


When coffee isn't what I'm wanting, I get my caffeine from tea.
Green, black, sweet, with honey and lemon. You name it! I love Tazo Zen and this Organic Chocolate tea that I found at TJ Maxx... I know, random. And, remember when I said I end my days with a hot drink? 

Honey Chamomile. 
No caffeine and such a soothing drink to enjoy with a good book. 

What's keeps you going?