04 October 2013


eeeee! I have been so looking forward to this post.

It has taken every ounce of my being to wait this long to re-cap and make my comments on New York Fashion Week! I waited partially because I needed to make sure that I had time to look through everything and because I've been caught up with the other fashion weeks (one after another is too much for me to keep up with in my lacking free time.. I can't imagine actually following the shows in person!). It's amazing how much time watching one 10 minute video after the other can take up! Don't worry, to be well informed I made sure to do the job right. :) I feel confident that I've been able to narrow down my favorite shows as well as a few off-the-runway looks that I found particularly pleasing. Let's get to it, then.

There was an overwhelming feel of the Sixties this Fashion Week. From big, bold, colorful prints to chunky jewelry and shoes. Each designer interpreted the decade in their own way, producing an array of vintage-chic looks that are way too cool for me to pull off. After searching through articles and images, I was able to narrow my favorite shows down to two: Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch. Both completely different, but not so out there that I felt I could never wear any of the looks- that is the point of "ready-to-wear" isn't it? 

Ralph Lauren

Ralph is the epitome of American style. I love the classic looks mixed with a Sixties London feel. Overall, the collection went for mainly blacks and whites with colorful accessories thrown in. The show began with boyish school-girl outfits: short skirts, knee-high socks, and ties. I felt like I was watching the Gossip Girl school uniform selection process... not exactly the best feelings for such a high-profile fashion show. My fear was banished as lust-worthy pea coats and skirts emerged. 
I'm not usually one for a bold flower print (except for Lilly), but leave it to Ralph to pull it off. 
The Sixties rang out loud as busy geometric prints and face-masking sunglasses made their appearance. The neon shift dresses and pantsuits reflected off the runway. My eyes went a bit blind, but I somehow ended up really being drawn to the bright red and blue (I can't waver too far from my go-to nautical colors). Again, probably not something I'd pick off the rack at the the store, but it worked! What I loved, though, was what came next: the Ralph Lauren classics that we all know and love. The geometric striped sweaters and simple, flowy skirts are what I was waiting for. 
Oh and can I just take a second to talk about the accessories... well mostly the bags! Beautiful, fantastic, I want them all. Oh, and I hope I get asked to a formal so I have a reason to buy the ball gowns. 

Tory Burch

I am forever a Tory Burch fan. As a woman, I think she's incredible. Her designs speak to the laid back lifestyle that she lives. One thing that really sets her apart is her wearability. I could see myself in almost every single one of her runway looks (except for the bikini and trench coat look...) , which instantly makes her a favorite of mine. Like I said, the ideas for this upcoming season seem stem from a Sixties feel- Tory's flowers and geometric patterns are no different.
What makes the collection different, though, is Tory. In the October Vogue she spoke about her love of gardening and arranging flowers, and her love of her Southampton home. With those idea in mind, the collection comes to life. The greens, blues, and creams take on a new meaning with the touches of silver metallic bringing on a new look.
I love that the designer is more than just a designer for this line. Everything has sentimental value- from the pieces being named after family members to using a hobby to make patterns. More than any NYFW shows that I saw, this is the one I'm most excited for.

Besides the actual shows, I have been loving looking at all of the street style from each different destination. NYFW spectators seemed to like dressing up casual looks, something that I really could get into. Baseball caps on my head and heels on my feet with a blazer and some jeans... sounds about perfect to me! There were clutches and more clutches present, too. I've always been more of a big tote-bag person, but I might try taking a tip from these stylish ladies and try lightening my load. Of course, I've rounded up a few of my NYFW street style favorites!

I didn't talk at all about Kate Spade, but she is not to be forgotten. I always love the looks and the New York Sixties were embodied by this collection. Big flowers and bright colors were present like in Ralph Lauren, but KSNY always channels a more youthful, fun look.
(and if you haven't checked out the recent new fall arrivals, go do it now. )

Well, there's my opinion on a few of the NYFW looks and shows. There were so many to look at that I probably missed out on a few points, but c'est la vie. I'm hoping to continue this "series" and look at at least London and Paris, as well. As always, London is going to rock it's own style while Paris is going to blow me away with it's posh designs and spectators. I love looking at the inspiration behind collections and how they change based on designer and country. 

What I love about American designers is that they're able to use the melting pot to their full advantage and can pull from all different forms of inspiration, 
making for a unique and versatile look.